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Al Sharif Recycling Group is a leading metal recycling company located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is part of Al Sharif group of companies that focus on the metal trade and recycling business.

Challenges and Opportunities

Al Sharif Recycling processes were handled manually using internal manual processes and a basic accounting system.

- Inaccurate data with a lot of mismatch/variances between inventory, sales, and accounts.

- No clear feasibility on the end product cost or profit

- Total vacancy of proper tool/mechanism which can help the management in decision taking.

- Lack of control on the company’s inventory in various stages of the manufacturing process.

- No proper reporting or real-time data.

- Lack of collaboration among departments & internal team.

- The vacancy of the estimated cost for manufacturing & work orders.


Solution and Project Scope

The solution automated the following business processes:

- Sales

- Purchasing

- Inventory

- Manufacturing

- Accounts (Receivable, Payable, GL, assets & PDC)

- 3 Calendar months implementation and 1 month of support.



- Provides Real-time Information and feasibility on MO & WO cost.

- Improved Production Scheduling

- Helped in integrating the company supply chain

- Optimization of Costs

- Improved internal collaboration and Customer Experience

- It removed the silos in the financial operations

- 360-Degree View of Business Operations

- Improved Customer Service

- Improved internal team process and ability to work from anywhere


ClientAl Sharif Recycling Group
Created byOdoo ERP
SkillsOdoo , Ubuntu

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