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Sharif Metals is a family-owned company, founded in 1963, is considered to be the largest privately-owned company in the entire Middle East and in North Africa.

Challenges and Opportunities

- Al Sharif metal processes were handled almost manually using basic accounting software and MS office templates.

- It was very challenging for the management to get real-time & accurate data that can support their decision making.

- Lack of inter-department collaboration

- A lot of effort needs to be put in by the internal team to fix the frequent data mismatch between inventory, sales orders, and purchasing.

- Lack of accurate data on orders profitability, feasibility on end product actual cost.

- Lack of collaboration among the company internal team and lack of customer and vendor access to their real-time data.


Solution and Project Scope

The solution automated the following business processes:

- CRM and Sales

- Purchasing

- Inventory

- Accounts (Receivable, Payable, GL, assets & PDC)

- 2.5 Calendar months implementation and 1 month of support.



- Provides Real-time Information and feasibility on all sales orders and automation of creation of POs.

- Helped in integrating the company sales & procurement processes.

- Improved the process automation

- Improved internal collaboration and customer experience

- Improved Customer & vendor experience

- Optimization of Costs

- Provide Mobility

- Boosted Cash Flow

- 360-Degree View of Business Operations


ClientSharif Metals
Created byOdoo ERP
SkillsOdoo , Ubuntu

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