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The most important and arduous task in any organization is to handle, manage, and deal with the human resources of the company. We, as a third party company, offer a comprehensive and all-in-one suite of application for efficient and effective management of human resources within an organization. Our Open Human Resource Management Software is evidence of the excellent skills of our technical and functional experts, their dedication, their top-notch coding standard, and also our wide knowledge base in Odoo ERP domain.


Our Odoo HR Management System comes with a unique set of various modules that perfectly fit into any business requirement, irrespective of the size of the business organization. Balj Technology is growing as one of the best Odoo HRMS Solution Providers for Human Resource Management and other functional/industrial management areas. Throughout the years of our operations in the Odoo ERP domain, we have stood strong and dedicated to delivering a customized and diversified suite of HR Application and other industrial applications in Odoo Platform.

Our Odoo HRMS is unmatchable and an all-inclusive HRMS Software, helping every business in flawless management of every Human Resources related activities. It helps our clients in managing their HR operations easily, accurately, and consistently under a unified database. We provide everything that an HR Department may think or dream of from talent acquiring, onboard training, attendance, appraisals, timesheets, knowledge sharing to payroll, contracts, etc.

We, as a third party company, offer the most reliable, self-sufficient, and comprehensive Odoo open-source HR Management Software which can single-handedly manage the complete cycle of HR Processes.

We are developing as one of the best third-party company dealing in Odoo ERP around the world. We are blessed with a countable number of happy and satisfied clients all around the world who have trusted us on the basis of our high coding standards and knowledge base. We have a high customer retention rate and our clients keep us motivated and enthusiastic in delivering more qualitative applications in HR and other management sectors.

With Odoo Human Resource Management Software, organizations of any size whether big or small can be benefited and can act as a one-stop solution for all the human resource department needs. We empower our clients to handle the upcoming business challenges related to Human Resources effectively by delivering seamless payroll processing and human resource management applications.

Odoo Human Resource Management Modules are self-sufficient and independent in taking care of the processing of all the HR related activities within an organization. Our Odoo HRMS acts as a 360 –degree HR solution for all the HR Related Issues like managing every HR administrative action from a central location, searching employees, viewing organization trees, analyzing attribution reports--all from a single and unified dashboard.

The Odoo HR Modules designed by our technical and functional team are smart and strong in identifying and eliminating every manual entry error, consolidating attendance data from multiple devices, customizing the employee leave types, scheduling employee jobs, and creating timesheets, etc with ease. Balj Odoo hr system will also help in easily identifying your employees' strengths and weaknesses. It also identifies the Employee Training needs hence bridging the gap between where employees are and where they need to be.

Our Odoo HR Management System includes Biometric Device Integration, Employee Documents, Payroll Payslip Reporting, Employee Orientation and Training, Employee Stages, Entry/Exit Checklists, Timesheet Based Payroll, and Open HRMS extension modules, etc.

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