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According to most of the reputed and successful business personalities, Supply Chain Management is one of the most indispensable business processes. Supply Chain Management includes all the processes through which the raw material gets converted into a final product. It allows a smooth and well-organized flow of supply-side activities of a business that can significantly contribute to the growth and development of a business.

Efficient Purchase Management also allows a company to take its brand name to new heights by keeping all the business processes smooth and simplified. APPSGATE Technology, A third party company, dedicatedly offers modernized and extremely reliable business management tool to effectively manage your complete Supply Chain or Purchases.

We have been in this Industry for quite a long period of time and during our tenure, we have successfully delivered various projects to our esteemed National and International Clients. To ensure our customers’ smooth, effortless, and untroubled experience, we extend a complete range of services and support related to the Odoo purchase management ERP.

Our Odoo Purchase Management Solutions help you ensure transparency in the purchase procedures and allow better visibility to the product deliveries, which will ultimately help you keep command and control over the purchase processes of your business. We have a team of young, highly talented, skilled, professional, and technical individuals who are consistently trying to explore the unlimited possibilities in the world of Odoo supply chain management ERP.

Our ERP tool for Purchase Management is self-sufficient in completely supervising and assisting the supply chain, procurement, production, on-time deliveries of your business. Our Purchase Management Applications cannot only track the number of shippers available automatically but it can also assign related duties to them accordingly.

Our Applications can suit companies of all sizes whether big, small, or medium. We understand that controlling and supervising the inventory is a cumbersome and hectic job, that is why we are tirelessly working on implementing our purchase management applications so that you can easily and effectively manage your warehouse.

Using our application, you can easily carry out the Purchase Order Facility and the task of generating and sending purchase orders. Now, there is no need to think about how to make purchase orders or how to get them as the APPSGATE Odoo Purchase Order Management Modules are competent and proficient enough to handle all such queries and it will also help the users in finding out exactly what they need within no time.

Our Application will provide you a dashboard where you can check and keep command of all the purchasing activities taking place in your organization with details like Order No., Material, Supplier, Date of Order, Time of Delivery, etc. You will also be able to view the original purchase order and the purchase requisition slip.

With APPSGATE, you can streamline the processes being carried out by various functional departments like HR, Purchase, Finance, Sale Management, etc. We offer very easy to operate modules and personalized dashboards that allow you to ensure trouble-free business operations and hence the business cycle. Our wide arena of knowledge in Odoo has enabled us in providing a qualitative ERP to our customers.

Appsgate Purchase Management Extensions in Odoo ERP includes Purchase Recurring Orders enabling the generation of repeated orders for Purchases, Stock Transport Management for quick and easy transportation of products, Available Stock in Product assisting with evaluation and assessment of inventory stocks and much more.

  • Purchase Module:

The Purchase module in Odoo is designed to streamline and automate the procurement process, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their purchases and suppliers. It provides a comprehensive set of features to handle purchase orders, supplier management, and inventory control.


With the Purchase module in Odoo, businesses can streamline their procurement process, manage suppliers efficiently, and gain better control over inventory and costs. It provides a user-friendly interface, customization options, and integration capabilities to adapt to the specific purchasing requirements of different organizations.

Key Features of the Purchase Module:

  • Purchase Orders: The ERP Purchase Module allows you to create purchase orders with ease. You can add products, prices, and taxes, and create custom templates to suit your needs
  • Vendor Management: The Vendor Management feature allows you to manage vendor details, track vendor performance, and maintain vendor history.
  • Invoicing: The ERP Purchase Module allows you to create invoices automatically from purchase orders. You can also create debit notes, refunds, and partial payments.
  • Purchase Analysis: The Purchase Analysis feature allows you to analyze your procurement data and identify trends and patterns. You can create custom reports and dashboards to visualize your data.
  • Inventory Management: The module is fully integrated with the ERP Inventory Module, allowing you to manage inventory levels, track stock movements, and automate stock replenishment.
  • Requisitions: The Requisitions feature allows you to create internal requests for purchases, which can be approved by managers and converted into purchase orders.
  • Multiple Currencies: The Purchase Module allows you to conduct purchases in multiple currencies and automatically convert prices based on exchange rates.
  • Shipping Management: The module includes a shipping management feature that allows you to manage shipping methods, rates, and delivery dates.
  • Discounts and Promotions: The ERP Purchase Module allows you to create and manage discounts and promotions for specific products or vendors.
  • Approval Workflows: The module includes approval workflows that allow you to set up a hierarchy of approvals for purchase orders and requisitions.

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