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Odoo Accounting is without a doubt the best software for finance and accounting. Odoo accounting program has been designed to perform both basic and advanced accounting functions. From noting a simple journal entry to the creation of advanced intelligence reports, this tool can do anything. The solution is quite extensive and highly productive. If you are running a small business, then Odoo can help you satisfy all your small to major accounting needs.


We specialize in various sectors and one of them is Odoo accounting and finance. Balj technology aims to provide the best of the solutions through Odoo to help business enterprises in financial management. We have built qualitative modules in Odoo accounting, which enables auto-syncing of bank statements, registration of bank statements, invoice creation, and reconciliation.



Odoo opensource accounting modules are authentic, sturdy, and efficient in terms of handling accounts and can be configured easily as per the business requirements. Odoo accounting platform supports finance standards, transnational accounting, and access to multiple user-levels.

Our Odoo accounting software is effective and enhances the quality of accounting information. Additionally, the software aids business owners in managing their daily business functions. The Odoo Open ERP modules include inventory, sales, and CRM. It ensures complete business management through the integration of non-financial and financial web services.

As far as it is concerned about stock planning, Odoo inventory planning modules help in reorder-level planning, materials requirement planning, and min-max level planning. Our tools help business proprietors with realistic plans by recording leads w.r.t shipment, packaging, manufacturing, and purchase.

Odoo accounting module crafted by Balj technology has many diverse functions and traits. This includes Manual Bank Reconciliation, easy vendor payment methods, creation of account journal reports to make it easier for the accountants to complete their work, rounding off invoice amounts, partner ledger, PDC management for post-dated cheques and so many other things.

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We aim to provide comprehensive execution and implementation of Odoo ERP Software to our clients so that they can take advantage of all the additional modules suiting their business requirements to meet their business objectives.



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