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Every Company needs to effectively carry out its Sales Management as for its development and growth, revenue is one of the most important factors. Today, with the availability of advanced and modernized sales management software, sales management has not only become easier but more effective and efficient than ever before.

For boosting sales, it is really important for a business to keep in mind Customer Relationship Management (CRM). APPSGATE Technology, a third party company, also believes in the fact that for building a comprehensive Odoo Sales Management Software, offering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution is a prerequisite as it allows a company to close their deals faster than ever before.

We offer self-sufficient and reliable extensions that include each and everything, from a contact database to keep every contact safely, information related to sales, the geographical location, buying history, industry-related information, etc. Our Apps also deal in Sales Boosting Tactics like discounts, promotion offers, and more.

Our extensive knowledge in the Sales and Marketing Domain has also helped us in developing and providing key metrics that allow the sales managers to gain insights into their project pipeline. Through our ODOO open source sales management, we have always been in favor and user of using predictive analytics for predicting future revenue growth.

Our Odoo Sales management modules allow the salesperson to reach more and more potential customers in less time plus also helping the complete sales force to customize their sales approach as per the type and need of customer so that they can crack the deal quickly.

With our wide extensions in Odoo sales, your business will be able to deliver 100% customer satisfaction hence increasing customer retention. Our specialized extension modules on tasks and reminders ensure that your sales team never forgets to contact your valuable customers when they are needed to.

We also provide extension modules that can handle and fulfill all your taxation related requirements. We provide you a complete mechanism that can be configured as per the rules of your legal jurisdictions for calculating multiple taxes. Not only this, but our Appsgate Modules also come with capabilities like automatically calculating royalties payable to the authors based on the value of transactions, methods of product upselling, suggesting pricier alternatives for maximizing your revenue, etc.

Our Odoo Sales Management Software provides you with personalized reports which can help you not only in analyzing the current trends of the market but also in forecasting the future industry trends such as upcoming opportunities, expected revenue, etc. After analyzing the customized reports, you will be in a better position to understand the Company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

Now after knowing the benefits of having Odoo Sales Management Software for your business transactions related to Sales Function, You must look for the tools that suit your business requirements.

APPSGATE Technology has been in this industry for a quite long period of time and we're consistently providing qualitative, robust, and reliable solutions to our clients so that they can easily carry out their business operations without any hassle or hurdle. So, if you are also looking for such a service, APPSGATE Technology is the best place where you will find end-to-end Sales, CRM, Marketing, and other customer support or assistance services.

Appsgate Sales Applications in Odoo Platform includes Improving Product Image for importing product image from CSV file, Calculating Sales Discount on Total Amount allowing the discount on total sales and creating an invoice with discount limit and approval, Extending Barcode Scanning Support for Purchase and Sales Forecasting, Sales Promotion for creating Promotional Offers for boosting sales, Previous Sale/Purchase Product Rates providing sale and purchase history for partners, etc. We have created a number of apps in the Sales Domain which can be effortlessly availed from the Odoo apps.

    • Sales Module:

    Odoo Sales module is a powerful sales management software solution that is part of the Odoo business management software. It enables businesses of all sizes to manage their sales processes from lead generation to order fulfillment, providing tools for managing sales orders, quotations, and invoices.

    Odoo Sales provides a user-friendly interface and customization options, allowing you to tailor the software to your specific business needs. With Odoo Sales, you can streamline your sales processes, enhance collaboration among sales teams, and gain insights into sales performance to make informed business decisions.

    Key Features of the Sales Module:

    • Quotations: The Sales Module should allow you to create professional quotations with ease. You can add products, prices, and taxes, and create custom templates to suit your needs.
    • Orders: The Orders feature should allow you to create sales orders and track their progress throughout the sales process. You can also create recurring orders for regular customers.
    • Invoicing: The Sales Module should allow you to create invoices automatically from sales orders. You can also create credit notes, refunds, and partial payments.
    • Sales Analysis: The Sales Analysis feature should allow you to analyze your sales data and identify trends and patterns. You should also create custom reports and dashboards to visualize your data.
    • CRM Integration: The Sales Module should fully integrated with the CRM Module, which allows you to manage customer interactions and track leads and opportunities.
    • Multiple Currencies: The Sales Module should allow you to conduct sales in multiple currencies and automatically convert prices based on exchange rates.
    • Shipping Management: The Sales Module should have a shipping management feature that allows you to manage shipping methods, rates, and delivery dates.
    • Discounts and Promotions: The Sales Module should allow you to create and manage discounts and promotions for specific products or customers.
    • Forecasting: The module should include a forecasting feature that allows you to predict future sales based on historical data and trends.
    • Multi-Channel Sales: The Sales Modules should allow you to manage sales across multiple channels, including online sales, point of sale, and phone sales.

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