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BuildUp is one of the premier Events Management Company in Dubai, that specializes in providing 360-degree exhibition and brand activation solutions.

Challenges and Opportunities

The majority of business processes were handled manually through MS Office (excel sheets, word documents) and old legacy accounting systems, this made it very challenging to get a real-time & accurate status for their key functions:

-Pipeline Management

-Estimation and Quoting

-Requisitions, Purchases and inventory


-Projects status

- Accounts (Receivable, payable, assets & cash flow)

- Human Resources & payroll

- No supportive data for management decision-making.

- Lack of project and jobs performance evaluation due to the vacancy of baseline /Estimation.

- Lack of Collaboration among the team


Solution and Project Scope

The solution automated the following functions:

-CRM and Sales

-Requisitions & betty cash management

-Purchasing & inventory



-Accounts (Receivable, Payable, GL, assets & PDC)

-Recruitment, HR & Payroll

-Mobile App

- 3.5 calendar months implementation and 2 months of support.



- Provides Real-time Information and total feasibility on projects status and deviations.

- 360-Degree View of Business Operations.

- Clear control mechanism on project cost and profitability during execution.

- Improved Collaboration & customer experience.

- Improved Customer Service.

- Cutting Operation Costs.

- Mobility

- Improve company internal processes turnover.

- Real-time management analytics.


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