Odoo Manufacturing Software is made especially for manufacturing companies and is considered as one of the best ERP Software for companies working in the manufacturing industry. Odoo Manufacturing ERP software can be highly personalized as per the need and size of the organization. It can be programmed to meet the requirements of any type of manufacturing company making it a unique ERP software for manufacturing companies.


ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry helps in conquering the industrial challenges like ensuring optimum utilization of industrial resources and assets, keeping the processes up to the industry standards, efficient workforce management, management of the risks, reduction in the cost, etc. ERP for the Manufacturing Industry hence ensures higher business returns and lower business risks.


An ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies provides an arrangement of many alternative solutions that can lead to a successful and efficient business run. Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software comes with many built-in features like manufacturing orders, schedule management, factory coordination, etc. making it a comprehensive suite of ERP Applications for companies in the Manufacturing Industry.

  • Manufacturing Module:

The Manufacturing module in Odoo is a powerful solution that enables businesses to efficiently manage their manufacturing operations, from production planning to inventory management. It provides a range of features to streamline the manufacturing process, track production orders, and optimize resource utilization.


With the Manufacturing module in Odoo, businesses can streamline their manufacturing operations, improve production efficiency, and optimize resource utilization. The module provides a user-friendly interface, customization options, and scalability to adapt to the specific manufacturing requirements of different organizations.

Key Features of the Manufacturing Module:

  • Bill of Materials (BOM): Create and manage BOMs, which define the list of components, raw materials, and operations required to manufacture a product. Odoo allows you to define multi-level BOMs and track the availability of components.


  • Work Orders: Create work orders to initiate the manufacturing process. Odoo enables you to schedule and allocate resources, track work progress, and record production data.


  • Production Planning: Plan and schedule production orders based on demand forecasts, inventory levels, and resource availability. Odoo provides tools for capacity planning, lead time calculations, and efficient production scheduling.


  • Resource Management: Manage production resources such as machines, work centers, and labor. Odoo allows you to define resource capacities, schedule operations, and track resource utilization.


  • Routing and Operations: Define production routing, including the sequence of operations required to manufacture a product. Odoo supports the creation of detailed routing templates with specific operations, work instructions, and time estimations.


  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP): Optimize inventory management and ensure timely availability of materials by utilizing Odoo's MRP capabilities. It considers demand, lead times, and stock levels to automatically generate procurement suggestions.


  • Shop Floor Control: Monitor and track production activities on the shop floor in real-time. Odoo provides tools for work order management, progress tracking, and capturing production data.


  • Quality Control: Implement quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Odoo allows you to define quality checks, record test results, and ensure compliance with quality standards.


  • Traceability and Lot Tracking: Track and trace products and their components throughout the manufacturing process. Odoo enables you to assign lot numbers, track serial numbers, and ensure full product traceability.


  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate manufacturing-related reports and analyze key production metrics, such as efficiency, utilization, scrap rates, and lead times. Odoo provides customizable dashboards and reporting tools for data analysis.


  • Integration with Other Odoo Modules: The Manufacturing module seamlessly integrates with other Odoo modules such as Inventory, Sales, and Accounting, ensuring smooth coordination and data flow across different business processes.

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