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CRM is a comprehensive system or a process of managing a company’s relationships and interaction with both the current as well as potential customers. For the growth and development of a business, increasing sales is the most important or pivotal factor. Nowadays, every business is required to work with the latest, modern, innovative, and advanced business tools and technology to drive their sales.

For every sort of business whether in its initial phase or growth phase, Customer Relationship Management is the key to business success as only if we maintain healthy and cooperative relationships with our customers, they will give us repeat sales and hence our business grows with the passage of time. Our CRM applications make your work easier, quicker, and seamless.

We are strongly determined to provide excellent CRM services to our valuable clients. Balj Technology provides a wide range of Odoo ERP services. Since our inception, we have successfully implemented and executed various CRM projects for our valuable clients which have provided us the skills, confidence and expertise to deliver every single project with ease.

We are consistently delivering the best quality services in Odoo CRM and other domains. Customer Satisfaction and Delight is our prime concern while offering Odoo ERP services. We have a specialized team of professional, technical, and functional experts who are skilled in implementing, executing, consulting, and personalizing CRM Systems.

Our Odoo CRM enables you to get more prospects. Our Odoo CRM is independent and self-reliant which can handle every complex business process and fits into the system of every company whether big or small. Our specialized Odoo CRM Applications help in the growth of your business by boosting sales.

We always ensure that our clients can use effectively the complete and holistic CRM Software so that they can get useful insights into their business operations, predict well in advance the customer behaviors, etc.

With Odoo CRM, you get complete flexibility of adding the industry-specific modules and custom buttons as per your business requirement only. With our extension modules in Odoo CRM, the complete functionality of your business gets revamped and overhauled. The biggest advantage of Odoo CRM is the highest degree of customization that it offers that enables you to create a perfect software application that exactly matches your business requirements.

We customize the CRM Software just like the way you want and it will help you automate various business tasks and hence, save your precious time which you can devote to any other important or urgent work.

We assure our customers that we will automate all the repetitive tasks that happen in your business with Odoo CRM which will ultimately allow your sales team to focus on making and increasing sales rather than just doing data entry work. Balj can help you meet and interact with your customers by integrating the system with the various communication channels. When you communicate effectively with your client, he/she feels connected with you and this will help you close the business deals faster and quicker.

Balj Technology deals in various CRM disciplines like Campaign Management, Leads and Opportunities Management, Sales Management, Email Marketing, Task Management, etc. Our major Odoo Apps in CRM category are Customer Sequencing for setting unique Customer Code, Setting Sales Team Target for effectively managing your sales strategies and meeting deadlines before time, Customer Image from URL allowing easy attachments like taking partner image directly from the web rather than troubling the partner for an image.

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We aim to provide outstanding Odoo ERP Customization Services to our clients after properly analyzing their special business requirements and desired outcomes so that they can achieve their business objectives more effectively and efficiently.



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