Odoo Warehouse Management

With never-ending and continuous inventory activities, it becomes daunting for every organization to track the movement of its inventory. Odoo warehouse management system designed by Balj technology is the perfect platform that companies can use to effectively manage the stock of their company. Earlier the software could only perform the basic functions such as providing the storage location information. Now with several extensions made within the program, traders can use advanced tracking functions with the help of yard management and material-handling devices.


Odoo warehouse management system is great for those who require consistent stock tracking and for those who need to track the daily inventory sales. Balj technologies aim to provide pre-built components, which streamlines and automates the warehouse activities of your enterprise. In addition to all this, Balj applications help manufacturers and traders in decision making by equipping them with necessary planning tools.

Every now and then, our team of professionals introduces new derivations to the application making it more extensive. The expertise and knowledge of our professionals helped us in creating a warehouse management system with a variety of options. This involves the classification of your inventory and the effective shipping of goods. We provide the most thorough and detailed program for easy analysis, classification, and tagging. Our Odoo software can help you set up valuation methods and define costing, allocation, and planning types.

Another great thing about this Odoo warehouse management software crafted by Balj technologies is that it helps you in implementing supply chain activities in an enterprise. The application helps proprietors in managing warehouse configurations with the right access controls. Our solutions assist business owners in performing WMS operations smoothly and effectively. Moreover, it helps in creating opening balances, managing transfer of stock, determination of stock point, serial tracking, etc.

Our tools for inventory planning helps in achieving min-max level planning, re-order level planning, and materials requirement planning. Our tools help in recording the leads associated with shipment, packaging, manufacturing, and purchase.

Odoo WMS management software has all the essential features that can help you with a stocking for internal operations. The program's double-entry inventory system has no stock transformation, input, or output. Rather, all the recording is done based on the movement of stock in different locations. Moreover, it helps in complete traceability and the creation of real-time dynamic reports.

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