About Company

VATRICKS is an accounting & bookkeeping consultancy firm established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Challenges and Opportunities

- VATRICKS business processes were handled manually, CRM, Sales, and accounting functions were isolated functions and internal teams were using a different set of manual templates to record their transactions.

- It was very challenging for the management to get real-time accurate data which they can rely on for their decision making.

- Customers were not able to have real-time access to their accounting system.

- Lack of Collaboration among the internal team


Solution and Project Scope

The solution automated the following business processes:

- Website


- Sales

- Purchasing

- Accounts (Receivable, Payable, GL, assets & PDC)

- Vendor and Customer portal

- 1.5 Calendar months implementation and 1 month of support.



- Provides Real-time Information and feasibility on MO & WO cost.

- Helped in integrating the company supply chain

- Improved Production Scheduling

- Optimization of Costs

- Improved internal collaboration and Customer Experience

- It removed the silos in the financial operations

- 360-Degree View of Business Operations

- Improved Customer Service

- Mobility

- Boosted Cash Flow


Created byOdoo ERP
SkillsOdoo , Ubuntu

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