Purchase Requisition



Innovative Procurement Management Experience! Get Purchase Requisition and simplify your material collection process. Easily request materials and create purchase tenders with seamless tracking and maximum transparency. Enhance production efficiency and avoid delays with a creative and reliable approach.


  • Request for more than one products can be made in a single request.
  • Purchase Tender is created automatically along with list of products requested.
  • Analyze and compare the price provided by different vendors..
  • RFQ can be created based on the confirmed tenders..
  • Efficient and easy to use.

About the Purchase Requisition product

In every organization, the collection of materials is a critical factor for manufacturing and production. To ensure a smooth process, it is essential to follow a standardized business process for material requisition. That’s where the Purchase Requisition product comes in.

The Purchase Requisition product is designed to simplify and streamline the request for materials within organizations. It allows employees to place requests for materials and automatically generates a purchase tender based on the requested products or materials.

By using this product, you can easily request the materials or goods you need. You provide specific details such as quantity, technical specifications, and any additional requirements. The system then tracks and manages these requests, providing transparency and visibility to managers and designated employees.

With the Purchase Requisition product, you can efficiently manage the procurement process, ensuring that materials are available when needed. It helps to reduce errors and delays in the supply chain, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of your organization’s operations.

In summary, the Purchase Requisition product simplifies the material requisition process, enhances transparency, and optimizes the procurement workflow. It’s a valuable tool for organizations seeking to improve their purchasing processes and ensure a smooth supply of materials for production.





Once we install material requisition module , in settings set the access to the user to use this particular module. Select the material requisition user in order to access the requisition menu.



After setting the access we get a menu for Requisition and clicking on the menu will open a requisition form, here you need to specify the materials required and the details such as requisition date, deadline etc. In the requisition lines, more than one products can be requested. You can also mention the reason for requesting the items. Finally you can make confirmation by clicking the confirm button. .




After confirming, A Create Purchase Tender button will be visible, the basic functionality of this button is to create a purchase tender and to move to the request to the next stage as Tender Created.You can even cancel the request from this state.



Once the tender is created you get the smart button to access the tenders from the material requisition form.




A new purchase tender is created, which replicates of all the information mentioned in the Material Requisition form. Here the vendor name and the expected delivery date can be specified.




After the tender confirmation, its possible to create the RFQ in order to get prices from one or more than one suppliers.




After sending the RFQ to different suppliers , you can compare the prices send by different suppliers by validating the tender and by clicking on the Analyse RFQ button. This will move the state of tender to Bid Selection.




In Bid Selection state, it provides a comparable tree view, where one can compare the prices and select the best offer. Another excellent feature is that we also have option to add the quantity, accept the offer or reject from the same screen with help of smart buttons in the right side of the view. Here we can confirm the orders that is accepted and cancel the orders which is rejected. Finally after the comparison, best offer will be selected and will be proceeded to make the LPO and to receive the items in the inventory. Once the LPO is generated the tender can be marked as closed.


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