Petty Cash Management



A Petty Cash Management System is a crucial tool for businesses, ensuring funds are used judiciously and transactions are meticulously documented. Implementing such a system acts as an internal safeguard, shielding the company from theft and fraud risks. Petty cash, representing a small amount of readily available cash, enables employees to make swift, hassle-free, and occasional purchases.

Key Features:
– Efficient Petty Cash Management:Streamline the handling of petty cash, ensuring it is utilized effectively.
– Thorough Approval Tracking: Keep a meticulous record of approvals, enhancing transparency and accountability.
– Expense Monitoring: Monitor and track expenses seamlessly, facilitating better financial oversight.

Empower your business with our Petty Cash Management System, ensuring financial integrity and reinforcing trust in your organization’s financial processes.


How to use this module



Following the installation of Petty Cash Management it is essential to configure access rights for individual users due to a specific approval process that must be adhered to.

– Cash Requisition User: This level of access is designated for employees who need to request petty cash. They are granted user access for petty cash requests.

– Cash Requisition Manager: Department managers are given this access level. They have the ability to view employees within their own teams.

– Cash Requisition Accountant: This level of access is intended for the finance department, specifically for approving petty cash requests.

– Cash Requisition Owner: Managers responsible for managing petty cash are provided with this higher level of access.



Through the Petty Cash menu, employees can submit requests for the required amount, providing a reason for the request. They can then confirm the requisition by clicking the confirm button.




Upon confirmation by the requester, the requisition moves to the department manager for approval. The system displays the status, indicating who confirmed the request and the date of confirmation.




Upon logging into their account, the department manager will have access limited to viewing only the employees within their respective department.




The department manager has the capability to open the record and click on the “Department Manager” button to approve the requisitions.





Once approved by the department manager, the request proceeds to the accounts department for approval. The approval log is tracked in the “Other Information” section.





Currently, the finance department is required to log in and perform the approval process, which includes mandatory addition of the journal entry.





Upon approval by the Finance Manager, the petty cash request proceeds to the petty cash owner for final approval. Additionally, the system keeps track of the accounts approval status along with the corresponding dates.





Now, the individual responsible for petty cash can approve the requisition.





Once the cash requisition is approved, the details of the approver are logged, and an expense smart button becomes visible.




An expense related to this cash requisition is generated, which can be submitted for further approval. Additionally, we can link the invoice to this request for reference.


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