Project Estimation Module



Project Estimation is an important factor in every organization. Projects is build on some of the basic components such as Materials, Labour and Overhead costs. This module provides an efficient estimation based on these essential components and provides an overview of Projects that are undergoing in the organizations.


  • Material Estimation.
  • Labour Estimation.
  • Overhead Estimation.
  • Dynamic Reports.
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  1. This module depends AG_material_requisition module, so you need to install it initially.
  1. You need to give material requisition access to the user from the settings.


After Installing this module, In Tasks, you will get two new menus, such as Employee Time-sheet and Overhead Time-sheet. Employee Time-sheet is used to enter the actual labor details and the overhead will include the product cost and quantity. Other basic information such as task title, deadline and description can be provided accordingly.


In Employee Time-sheet you get a form view. Details such as Date, Project, Project related task are the basic information you need to enter. Time-sheet Details is an one2many field where you can select more than one employees and the duration , that will be required to complete this specific task. After entering all the details you need to confirm and it will change the status to confirmed




Similarly, In overhead time-sheet form we can figure out and enter the actual quantities and cost of each products that will be used in the tasks of the projects respectively. After entering the details you can confirm, which will move to the confirmed state.
For Material Estimation ,Materials to be requested from requisition module. In this module materials are requested against each project and task. If the quantity is available the products will be delivered and added to the stock. If the products are not available, a purchase tender will be created , which will further create the RFQ and deliver the items in the stock. Detailed functionality of this module in explained in AG_material_requisition module.
In the task form, we can see the Material Estimation tab, here you need to specify the estimated materials required for the project. The estimated material quantities and the estimated price.



In next tab you can see the Actual Material, and an update button. By clicking on the update button, it will take the values of materials from the material requisition module.


Estimated Labor can be specified in this tab, for this particular project an estimated amount of time that will be required by the labors to complete the projects.



In Actual Labor, the details are automatically derived from the Employee Estimation form and here you can specify the planned hours. For Example if 12 hours are planned, and the duration for each employee is set as 6:00 and 5:00 respectively. Then employee required 11:00 hours and still one hour is remaining. All these calculated automatically..


Next, comes the overhead estimation part, where you need to mention the overhead cost that is estimated for this particular project.


The Actual overhead is derived from the Overhead estimation form.




After the actual and estimated materials, labor and overheads are considered. Total summary can be viewed where the total material estimate, total labor estimate and the total overhead estimate is calculated and the overall total is displayed as total job estimation. In the top right corners you can see some smart button for comparing the actual material,labor and overheads with estimated material,labor and overheads.



Here you can see the estimated qty and value is 1 and 900 and the actual qty and value is 9 and 8100 respectively. So the deviation value and Qty will be the difference of actual and estimated .i.e 8 and 7200.



Same applicable for labor and overhead Comparisons.


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