Estimation for Material, Labour and Overheads



“Introducing our powerful Odoo app designed to revolutionize your job costing and estimation process. With this app, you can effortlessly calculate material, labor, and overhead costs, providing you with a comprehensive job work estimation. Impress your customers by sending them a detailed and accurate total estimation for their job work order.

Our Odoo app offers a seamless experience by allowing you to revise estimations effortlessly. Keep track of all your revised estimations in one place, ensuring transparency and accuracy in your projects.

But that’s not all – our app goes beyond estimation. You can directly translate these estimations into professional quotations and sales orders. Seamlessly linked with the job estimation sheet, our app ensures that your workflow remains smooth and efficient.

Key Features:
– Job Estimation: Calculate job costs with precision.
– Material Estimation: Accurately estimate material costs for your projects.
– Labor Estimation: Calculate labor costs based on project requirements.
– Overhead Estimation: Factor in overhead costs for a comprehensive estimation.
– Effortless Revision:Revise job estimations effortlessly, maintaining accuracy.
– Quotation and Sales Order Creation: Translate estimations directly into professional quotations and sales orders.
– Integrated Workflow: Linked seamlessly with the job estimation sheet for a streamlined experience.





After installingEstimation for Material, Labour and Overheads, You can see an estimation menu. Clicking on estimation you can see the Job Estimation Form.
estimation1 appsgate
“In the Material Estimation tab, you have the ability to specify all the materials needed for the job. The total material estimation amount is then calculated.”
estimation2 appsgate
“In the Labor Estimation tab, you can input the precise amount of labor needed to complete the project. This tab also forecasts the total labor estimation amount.”

estimation3 appsgate

“Similar to Material and Labor, the Overhead Project Estimation tab allows you to enter overhead cost details and calculates the total overhead estimation amount.”

estimation4 appsgate

“Ultimately, the Total Job Estimation is calculated based on Material, Labor, and Overhead costs. You can review the estimation and proceed further once confirmed.”

estimation5 appsgate


“You have the option to either approve or reject the job estimation. If approved, it will transition to the approved state; if rejected, it will remain in the rejected state.”

estimation6 appsgate


“After approval of the estimation, you can choose to generate a quotation and move forward. Alternatively, if you wish to review the estimation and make any modifications before creating a quotation, you can click on ‘Revise Quotation’.”

estimation7 appsgate


“For each revision, a history is kept and can be viewed in the top right corner.”

estimation8 appsgate


“When you revise the quotation, it enters the ‘Revised Quotation’ state, allowing you to make necessary changes before confirming.”

estimation9 appsgate


“Once you have completed revising the quotation, you can confirm it. It will then transition to the ‘Quotation Created’ state, and you can view all created quotations in the top right corner.”

estimation10 appsgate


“In the Sales Quotation, the order lines will include Material Cost, Labor Cost, and Overhead Cost derived from the Job Estimation.”

estimation11 appsgate


“After confirming the sales order, the products are prepared for inventory valuation.”


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