Forecast Analysis Report



Inventory forecasting is a technique utilized to predict future inventory levels. It assists in monitoring sales and demand, enabling better management of purchase orders. This forecast analysis report offers accurate insights into stock levels, potentially increasing your company’s revenue while minimizing unnecessary costs.

Key Features:
– Forecast Analysis: Provides detailed forecasting analysis for informed decision-making.
– Stock Analysis by Duration: Allows stock analysis based on specific timeframes, aiding in strategic planning.
– Dynamic Forecast Calculation: Utilizes sales quantity and minimum stock data to dynamically calculate forecasted stock levels.

HOW TO USE THIS MODULE”Forecast Analysis Report”

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Upon installing this module, an additional tab labeled “More Info” will be visible in the Product Master section. Here, you can define various product details such as product category, product type, product brand, sub-category, and sub-type, providing comprehensive information for efficient cataloging and organization.

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Within the Reporting Menu, you have the option to access the Forecast Analysis Report.

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A popup window will appear, allowing you to specify the duration from a list of selections provided. You can choose from the following options:

– Last 3 months
– Last 6 months
– Last 12 months
– Last 24 months
– Last 36 months

This selection enables you to customize the time frame for your analysis as per your preference.

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If no filter is selected, the system will display all products along with their corresponding Sales Quantity, On Hand values, Pending Stock, and Minimum Stock levels. The suggested status on the right side represents the forecasted quantities for each product.

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By clicking on each product, you will access a detailed form view containing all the product’s information. In this specific instance, the product’s On Hand Quantity is 8, while the forecasted quantity stands at 128. Consequently, the pending quantity is calculated as 120.

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In another scenario, if the Product On Hand Quantity is 80 and the sales quantity is 5, the suggested or forecast quantity will be 75. This data is used for generating the Consumption Report based on product category.

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Forecast analysis can also be conducted for specific products based on their category, type, and brand.

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Analysis report categorized by product category.

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We also offer an additional feature where you can add buffer quantities to the products. For instance, a 10% buffer quantity is specified for the product category “Furniture.”

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As observed in the reference image above, the suggested quantity has been increased by 10%.

forcast11 appsgate

A comprehensive view of the forecast analysis report is available in the pivot view.


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