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Introducing our Expense Management Module – your ultimate solution for automated and streamlined expense management. This module revolutionizes the way you handle expenses, offering integration from multiple sources, data-driven decision-making, and simplicity for everyone involved.

Key Benefits:

1. Centralized Expense Data: View all your expense data in one unified platform, providing a comprehensive overview.

2. Standardized Approval Process: Ensure consistency by implementing a standard approval process for all expenses, promoting efficiency and accuracy.

3. Document Attachment: Easily attach relevant documents or receipts related to expenses, enhancing transparency and record-keeping.

4. Individual Expense Tracking: Track and manage relevant expenses individually, providing detailed insights and control.

5. Quick Employee Reimbursement: Expedite the reimbursement process, ensuring employees are paid promptly, enhancing employee satisfaction.

Key Features:

– Expense Segregation: Categorize expenses seamlessly into Food, Transportation, Labor, and Petty Cash, providing a detailed breakdown and analysis.

Our Expense Management Module empowers you to eliminate paperwork, reduce administrative effort, and gain full visibility into your business’s financial resources.

How to use this module”Expense Management”

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In addition to regular expenses, we have specific menus for food, transport, labor, and petty cash expenses.

Food Expenses: In adherence to best business practices, it is often advisable to monitor food expenses separately. In such cases, this module efficiently tracks all food-related expenses incurred.

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As depicted in the reference image above, food expenses can be recorded based on projects. Users have the option to specify the meal type, vendor (if applicable), price, date, and bill reference for accurate tracking.

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The “Attach Document” option enables you to upload any bills or receipts associated with food expenses. By clicking on “CREATE REPORT,” it generates an expense line report format that can be submitted.

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Clicking the “Submit to Manager” button will send the report for approval, transitioning its status from draft to submitted.

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After reviewing the food expense report, the responsible manager can either approve or reject the report. Clicking the “Approve” button changes the status to approved, making it ready for posting journal entries.

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The “POST JOURNAL ENTRIES” button will record the expenses in the corresponding accounting entries.

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You can view the relevant posted journal entries for food expenses in the accounting module.

Transportation Expense: The transportation expenses module efficiently records the specific costs incurred by employees during business travel. It allows tracking of expenses related to business trips, including taxi fares, parking fees, fuel expenses, and more.

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As depicted in the image, the transportation expenses module provides detailed information, including:

– Labor charges
– Waiting charges, if applicable
– Type of vehicle used
– Vehicle number
– Trip details

Once the necessary details are filled in, transportation claims are submitted for approval. This streamlined process aids in cost analysis without any confusion.

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Another notable feature of this module is its ability to facilitate specific levels of approvals before processing payments. The Requester Manager or the respective department manager will be the first person to approve transportation claims initially. Additionally, they can provide their remarks and comments as needed.

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After receiving approval from the department manager, the request moves on to the HR manager for the final approval. At this stage, the HR manager has the authority to either approve or reject the request and can provide their comments accordingly.

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Once all the necessary approvals are confirmed, the system generates a report with detailed expense lines for submission.

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This report includes the payment mode, indicating whether it should be reimbursed to the employee or paid directly by the company. Additionally, it provides visibility into the concern manager’s approval, as well as detailed expense information, including the specific account to which it is being allocated.

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Finally, the report is sent to the accounts department. Once the expenses are verified, the accountant can make accurate payments and post the journal entries accordingly.

Labor Expense: The labor expense feature is designed to provide concise and transparent information regarding all expenses related to labor costs.

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This labor section includes the following details:

– Product: Describes the type of expense it is related to.
– Supplier: Specifies supplier names, if applicable.
– Number of People: Indicates the count of individuals working on a project.
– Type: Represents the category of labor involved.
– Time In: Records the start time of the labor work.
– Time Out: Records the end time of the labor work.
– Total Hours: Calculates the total hours worked based on the time in and time out.
– Break Hour: Specifies any break taken by the labor.
– Traveling Hours: Records the time spent traveling for the project, if applicable.
– Net Hours: Net hours represent the total working time, including traveling time and excluding break time.
– Rate Per Hour: Indicates the payment amount for each hour of work.
– Amount:Calculates the total payment considering the working time, rate per hour, and break time.
– VAT: Specifies the tax amount, if applicable.

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The labor form also requires a series of approvals. Initially, the department or concerned manager approves the form, adding their remarks, before forwarding it to HR.

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Following the approval by the department manager, the HR manager will review the expenses. They have the authority to either approve or reject the expense. Additionally, the HR manager can include their remarks or comments regarding the provided expenses.

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Once all the managerial approvals are completed, the system generates a report for the accounts department to verify. This report includes details such as the employee to whom the payment needs to be made, the payment mode, the relevant department manager, and the expense lines.


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The accountant verifies the details, and upon approval, they proceed with the payment and post it in the related journal entries.

Petty Cash Expense: Petty cash expense management enables the recording and tracking of petty cash usage within the business. It handles small expenses that arise during daily operations.

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The petty cash holder allows users to enter project-related expenses, recording the incurred costs. The system then calculates the net and gross amounts accordingly. The net amount represents the cost excluding VAT, while the gross amount displays the total after VAT deduction.

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Documents or related receipts can be attached using the “Attach Document” button. Once the documents are attached, the system displays the number of documents linked to the expense. Clicking on “Create Report” generates a report that needs to be submitted to the accounts department.


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A report is generated for verification by the accountant, with provisions for maintaining separate journals for each created expense. Additionally, the report includes details such as the payment mode, respective manager, and related expense lines.

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The accountant verifies the information, and upon approval, they can post the journal entries and proceed with the payments. These entries are recorded in the respective journals, ensuring precise record maintenance.

Petty Cash Report: This report provides a detailed summary of petty cash transactions, offering insights into expenses and helping maintain accurate financial records.

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An extensive and crucial feature of this module is the petty cash report, offering a dynamic overview of all expenses managed as petty cash.


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Reports can be filtered and viewed based on specific dates, months, and years, allowing for customized analysis and comprehensive financial tracking.

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It offers an excellent overview, allowing you to verify if the entries are posted correctly in the cash journals and enabling effective and streamlined analysis.


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