Finance E-Gate


Finance E Gate

“Introducing Finance E-Gate: Your Ultimate Solution for Streamlined Financial Requests and Approvals!

Finance E-Gate revolutionizes your organization’s internal requests with the finance department. This cutting-edge solution ensures seamless workflows and approvals for every request while meticulously tracking all related documentation throughout the process. Designed to integrate seamlessly into your employees’ self-service modules, Finance E-Gate empowers your workforce to create robust financial requests for various departments.

Key Benefits:

1. Effortless Request Management: Whether it’s prepayment requests, credit/debit note requests, or invoices payment requests, Finance E-Gate simplifies the entire process, making it effortless for your team to initiate and manage requests.

2. Robust Approval Workflows: Our solution guarantees proper workflow and approvals for each request, ensuring compliance and accuracy at every step.

3. Document Tracking: Keep track of all documentation associated with requests. No more misplaced paperwork – Finance E-Gate organizes everything seamlessly.

4. Time and Cost Savings: With this user-friendly app, you can save valuable business hours. Decisions can be made swiftly and efficiently, enhancing overall productivity.

5. Versatile Request Types: From petty cash payments to LC & BG requests, Finance E-Gate handles a wide array of financial transactions, accommodating the diverse needs of your organization.

6. Online Convenience: Conduct your business operations online, reducing paperwork and enhancing eco-friendliness.

Make your financial management more efficient, accurate, and hassle-free with Finance E-Gate. Experience the power of streamlined financial requests today!”

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Dashboard Overview


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You have the flexibility to define the employee’s role as Requester, Requester Manager, or Accountant and Finance Manager.

Create Request

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Efficiently monitor your business transactions at every stage, offering the option to revert requests back to the responsible employee for revisions or to reject them outright. Ultimately, all commercial transactions will be archived, ensuring easy and convenient access.


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You have the ability to monitor every step of the request, tracking all actions until it reaches the order execution and archiving stage. The Request State section offers a transparent overview of each process that has been completed.


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