Split Assets In Vendor Bill



Optimize your vendor bill management with AssetSplitter! By default, Odoo doesn’t categorize or isolate assets based on quantity. But with our module, you can effortlessly split asset values in vendor bills, ensuring accurate allocation. Say goodbye to manual calculations and streamline your asset management process today!


  • Split Assets based on quantities
  • Efficient Tracking of Asset Values.
  • Assets can be handled individually.

About the product ( Split Assets In Vendor Bill)

Introducing “Asset Splitter” – Revolutionize Your Vendor Bill Management!

Are you tired of the time-consuming and tedious process of managing assets in your vendor bills? Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to the innovative solution of Asset Splitter!

Asset Splitter is a game-changing software that empowers you to effortlessly split your assets within vendor bills. Gone are the days of lump-sum asset categorization and isolation. With Asset Splitter, you can now allocate and distribute asset values based on quantities with just a few clicks.

Imagine the efficiency and accuracy you’ll achieve! Whether you’re dealing with equipment, inventory, or any other valuable assets, Asset Splitter is your ultimate companion. It seamlessly integrates with your existing vendor bill management system, enhancing its capabilities and streamlining your workflow.

Unlock the power of customization and flexibility. Asset Splitter allows you to tailor the splitting process to meet your unique needs. Simply define the asset categories, specify the quantities, and let the intelligent algorithm do the rest. It’s a breeze to allocate costs and track assets down to the finest detail.

But that’s not all! Asset Splitter also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics. Gain valuable insights into asset distribution, cost allocation, and trends. Make data-driven decisions and optimize your resource utilization like never before.

Don’t let manual asset management hold you back. Step into the future with AssetSplitter and experience unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and control. Maximize the value of your vendor bills and take your business to new heights.

Try Asset Splitter today and witness the transformation in your asset management process. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace the future of vendor bill asset splitting. Your business deserves it!

How to use this module




Here, as seen in the above image, an vendor bill is created with asset category computers, where the quantity is 5 and price is 1000.





After posting, the assets get splitted into 5, based on the quantity mentioned , each with price 1000.




Every assets can be considered as individual asset entity, and can be confirmed or depreciated further.


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