Multiple Invoice Payments



Introducing our revolutionary payment module, designed to streamline your financial transactions effortlessly. With this feature-rich solution, you can settle payments for multiple invoices and vendor bills in one swift motion. Upon accessing the payment screen, the module automatically loads all open invoices and vendor bills related to the selected partner, enhancing your efficiency.

**Key Features:**

– Effortless Multiple Payments: Make payments for numerous invoices and vendor bills with just one click, saving you time and effort.
– Flexible Payment Options: Choose to pay invoices and bills either in full or partially, providing you with the flexibility your business needs.
– Automatic Amount Balancing: The module automatically balances payment amounts, ensuring accuracy and precision in your financial transactions.
– Write-Off and Full Payment: Easily handle exceptional cases by writing off payment amounts and marking invoices as fully paid, maintaining financial integrity.

Empower your financial operations with our module, enabling you to manage payments seamlessly and focus on what matters most—growing your business. Experience financial ease with every transaction.


HOW TO USE THIS MODULE”Multiple Invoice Payments”

multiinvoice1 appsgate

In this scenario, there are two outstanding vendor bills associated with Vendor A, both of which are pending payment.

multiinvoice2 appsgate

As these are vendor bills, payments can be processed through the vendor payment module. The payment type will be set as “Send Money.” Upon selecting the partner, the open vendor bills are automatically populated in the invoice lines. By checking the appropriate box in the allocation, the payment amount is allocated to settle the outstanding bills.

multiinvoice3 appsgate


The payment status of both vendor bills has been updated to “Paid.”

multiinvoice4 appsgate


In some situations, you might not want to make the full payment at once, especially when the payment amount exceeds the allocated funds. For instance, if the total amount to be paid is 10,237.50 AED, and the allocated amounts are 9450 and 700 AED respectively, the allocated sum falls short of the total payment amount.


multiinvoice5 appsgate

Following payment confirmation, you will notice that one of the bills has been partially paid.

multiinvoice6 appsgate


Therefore, the remaining amount will be treated as outstanding, and it can be settled later directly from the vendor bill.

multiinvoice7 appsgate



In certain situations, the full payment amount is not necessary. In such cases, the Payment Amount will be less than the allocated amount. For instance, if the total payment amount is 12,000 AED but you can only pay 1,000 AED as the final amount, the remaining 200 AED will be written off. In this scenario, the payment difference is recorded in a separate account.

multiinvoice8 appsgate



As observed in the Journal Entries, the remaining amount will be recorded in the payment difference account.


multiinvoice9 appsgate


Finally , after confirming the payment both the bills will be in the Paid state


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